Republicans are best for the stock market

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    Clearly, with the exception of Obama stumbling into the dip in 2009 and then pumping with QE. If you look at the 90's the market took off with the republican revolution. In the 90's the huge rally started in January 1995, almost to the day the republicans swept congress and everyone still talks about the 'good ol days' that was the republican revolution. The left says it was Bill Clinton, however being the slow ones that they are, they forget Clinton's first two years and the republican sweep that forced him rightward.

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    The several times I've mentioned this I never get a response from the left.
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    you won't because they cling to their one chart (president only) that shows their argument is true, they will not acknowledge anything but that.

    they claim to be the open minded smart ones, all they are is a bunch of religious wackos
  4. Hey I resent that, I'm a religious wacko but I'm not fvcked up stoopid about it like libtards are about theirs. :D
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    The two religions I take offense to are communism and islam, you one of those?
  6. Nope, but it does explain why you don't like obama , cause he's both IMHO.:D
  7. An argument can be made that the country does well with a democrat president and a republican congress or a republican president and democrat congress. This congress is the exception though, but replace them with some reasonable republicans, if any are left and we'd be ok.
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    What do you mean by an 'agument can be made'? I'm just looking at the data. From that standpoint republicans are definitely better for the stock market. I guess an agument can be made that we are not in normal times anymore , with QE and HFT we have a market partly divorced from the larger world.

    From a democrat point of view, a reasonable republican is someone who agrees with them. 1994 and reagan were all about republicans who were reviled by the left.

    I need to make or find the same chart with GDP growth, that would be relevent. Again though we have entered the twilight zone where GDP is fueled by massive deficit spending, so I'm not sure what matters anymore.
  9. What does the data show when republicans held the congress and white house?
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    I can't get that chart in the link to post, so go there and look for yourself. You want to look at R-R-R as the variable, as compared to D-D-D (democrat president, senate, house). You'll see that R-R-R does slightly better than D-D-D, but it isn't the best.

    There are only 4 terms of RRR, hard to make onclusions.

    Control of the senate seems to be the only correlated variable, with republicans way out in front
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