republicans are against healthy eating in schools.

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  1. As the new school year begins, fresh school lunch regulations are in effect to encourage healthy eating. But not everyone's pleased. While students from Wisconsin to Pennsylvania protest their new school meals, lawmakers in D.C. are looking to put it on the books.

    Reps. Steve King (R-Iowa) and Tim Huelskamp (R-Kansas) have introduced a bill that would repeal the age-aligned calorie maximums imposed by new USDA school lunch guidelines, The Hill’s Floor Action blog reports.

    The so-named No Hungry Kids Act is in direct response to an initiative put forth in January by first lady Michelle Obama and Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack to make school lunches healthier and more nutritious. New federal requirements -- representing the first major nutritional overhaul of school meals in over 15 years -- are meant to offer less sodium, more whole grains and a wider selection of fruits and vegetables to the 32 million schoolchildren who participate in the National School Lunch and Breakfast programs.
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    I would love for this topic to come up in the debates.
  3. More pizza, french fries, chicken nuggets and soda pop for lunch. :eek: :(
  4. the cheese lobby, the potato lobby, the chicken lobby and the soda lobby have all bought and paid for the republicans and expect them to protect their interests. fat kids be damed.

    "The details are hard to articulate without choking on them. Less than 1% of adolescents, roughly 2% of men, and only 3.5% of ostensibly more sensible women met guidelines for both fruits and vegetables. And this is despite counting jam, jelly, and orange juice as fruit, and both French fries, and the ketchup poured over them, as vegetables. In fact, orange juice was the dominant fruit choice, and potatoes the dominant vegetable across all demographics."
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    I attended public school in the 60's and 70's. We didn't need government telling us what to eat then. I don't even remember any fat kids in elementary school.
    Of course we didn't have video/computer games and a couple hundred TV channels to choose from either. We mostly just - burned calories.
    Of course being required to work around the house and mowing lawns for $5 a pop probably didn't hurt either. In early jr high I actually dug the footings for an addition to our house using only a pick and a surplus folding shovel.
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    You mean OUR presidential debates?