Republicans are a stupid bunch.

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  1. i am no fan of the irs but revenue has to be collected fairly from everyone. it is not fair to honest taxpayers to let some skirt the law.
    we have a huge debt problem and they cut funding for the irs at a time when tax evasion is rampant. right here on et talk of tax evasion is a constant theme:

    GOP looks to cut IRS budget despite returns

    Every dollar the Internal Revenue Service spends for audits, liens and seizing property from tax cheats brings in more than $10, a rate of return so good the Obama administration wants to boost the agency's budget.

    House Republicans, seeing the heavy hand of a too-big government, beg to differ. They've already voted to cut the IRS budget by $600 million this year and want bigger cuts in 2012.

    The IRS has dramatically increased its pursuit of tax cheats in the past decade: Audits are up, property liens are up and asset seizures are way up. President Barack Obama and Democrats in Congress see stepped up enforcement as a good way to narrow the nation's staggering budget deficit without raising tax rates or cutting popular spending programs.
    "It makes little sense to cut the agency that collects revenue," said Rep. Jose Serrano of New York, the top Democrat on the House subcommittee that oversees the IRS budget.
  2. Damn, that is stupid. How is it that the GOP manages to be wrong on just about everything? They must be employing a system of some kind to achieve such consistency.
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    They're not stupid, they're (mainly) taking the path of least resistance.
  4. The proposal is self-defeating. It is the path of least synapses.
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    Only a libtard would wish for more IRS agents.
  6. how stupid do you have to be to not understand the concept of basic fairness?
    if tax evasion is rampant it means your business might be paying what it is required to by law but your competitors might not. do you want to compete against someone who has no tax expense?
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    Only a libtard would wish for more IRS agents. Unreal.
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    I was thinking the same thing i couldnt care less if it adds to the deficit provided those scumbags are losing their jobs.
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    I have a solution.

    1)Cut the IRS budget, last I heard it's 11 B a year which is insane.
    2)All registered democrats and self proclaimed liberals voluntarily make an appointment with their local IRS office for an audit.

    Spending is decreased AND revenue is increased simultaneously.

    It a win win.
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    An instance of where you would accept that deficits are "ok". This will be useful, thank you!
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