Republican Women In Politics Much Better Looking....

Discussion in 'Politics' started by pspr, Sep 27, 2012.

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    ....than the hags the Democraps trot out according to a university study.

    If a new academic study is to be believed, Republican women politicians look more feminine than their Democratic counterparts.

    The study, by two UCLA researchers, found that female politicians with what are described as stereotypically feminine features tended to be Republicans, and the reverse was also true for Democratic women. GOP women rated, on average, twice as stereotypically feminine as Democrats.

    In fact, the authors said the correlation was so strong that undergraduates were regularly able to guess someone's party affiliation just by the way she looked.
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    No wonder our liberal buddies are always so miserable. If I was stuck poking ugly women I would be too.
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    I used to feel bad for Bill Clinton but he probably has his own bedroom now after the Lewinsky thing.
  4. The study also that people perceive female politicians as feminine or competent, but not both. And the study found that male Democrat politicians are perceived as more masculine. So, it's likely that Dem men are banging Rep women.
  5. jem


    here is a generalization you will see prove out.

    republicans tend to have a stake in society and dems want to change society.

    better looking people tend to have more of a stake in society.

    now there are some young granola hotties who are dems... but by 40 pretty much the only pretty dems are school teachers.

    (exceptions may be made for minorities) but I have noticed pretty black women... who complain about taxes... so I do not know.
  6. Republicans you do win this one
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    Don't count on it.

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    I call him the Pig Man. He's probably good at finding truffles in the woods.
  9. It took me several months to adjust to how stunningly beautiful the ladies were in Alabama, coming from a life in Oregon. I see this pattern in every conservative state. It almost appears as if liberals are ashamed of themselves, overcome with guilt, and their appearance reflects the denial within themselves of God's purpose for them, woman and men, distinct and complimentary to each other. Liberals seem to want to deny the existence of gender, race, family, and moral absolutes. It tends to reflect in their appearance.