Republican wants WH candidates to prove citizenship

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    The place to do this is in the State Houses. Not Congress. However, its starting now and will only be a matter of time.

    "WASHINGTON (CNN) — Rep. Bill Posey, R-Florida, introduced legislation this week requiring candidates to produce a birth certificate to be eligible to run in future presidential elections, triggering a sharp reaction from Democrats who accused him of "questioning President Obama's citizenship."

    Posey submitted a bill with no fanfare Thursday that instructs the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971 to be amended to add the birth certificate requirement. The Constitution requires that a president or a vice president be "a natural born citizen."
  2. Yeah, when the world economy is danger of collapse, let's introduce this worthless legislation.... Republicans are just obstructionist.
  3. Ya really.

    Any politician who wants to obstruct a president who wants to spend more than every other president combined is definitely stupid and uhhh dumb.

    You go get em shopatpublix.
  4. You and IShop are either missing the point entirely or intentionally deflecting it out of political bias.

    No American should let this issue pass... and the risk of doing so is far greater than you realize.
  5. It's already "the law"... Constitutional requirement.

    So, we need legislation which will "make it a law that we obey our laws"?
  6. Democrats are foolish people.

  7. US Constitution is determining factor. Circumvent that
    document and big problems await.
  8. In american adversarial system of justice if someone makes a claim and the other side does not dispute it, it is considered truth.

    Hillary Clinton did not raise doubts about Obama's birth, neither did McCain or George W Bush, and Supreme Court did not even look at the case. GUESS WHAT THAT MEANS? It means Obama is a natural born citizen, case closed.

    And for the record, the founding fathers did not specify exactly what natural born means. Maybe it means not born of caesarian?
  9. That's only ONE possibility... the most benign one. And it's the one NObamabots glom onto because they want it to be so.
  10. Its amazing how these idiots overlook the fact that the Clinton's,McCain,the GOP and the supreme court never questions Obama's citizenship.The Clinton's are Ivy league law graduates,if there was a hint of truth to this they would have been all over it.

    The Clinton's attacked with Wright,Ayers,and even suggested Obama might get shot like Bobby Kennedy,but these idiots believe they would have ignored looking into whether he was a citizen or not.Laughable
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