Republican training video finally made public!

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  1. You guys sure are an insecure lot. You own every branch of government, will soon own the Supreme Court, have the media eating out of your hands, and all you can do is slam the already defeated. Why is that? Makes me think you're not all too sure of yourselves.
  2. were you one of the ones cited in this poll?

  3. Unlikely that the dems will own the supreme court for decades, if it happens that a dem is president when one of the right wingers retires.

  4. Oh! So all of the criticism from the left is just a joke? All in good fun, right? Yep, I get it alright.
    You know, and I know, this move towards socialism can't work. You know, and I know this we are the world approach to our enemies is a recipe for disaster.
    All of the distractions mounted by the left won't amount to a hill of beans when reality strikes, and it's coming right quick.
  5. This would have been a more appropriate scene for the Obama inauguration.
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  6. I think the point is the neo's can't figure out when it is in fun or when it is serious, thereby posing serious questions about their ability to figure out larger issues like how to pull the economy out of the ditch and offering serious alternates to policy by the party overwhelmingly elected to replace them.

    IOW-appealing to the grumpy old men who watch Fox may give you great ratings, but it puts you outside the window looking in when it comes to crafting the policy implemented.


    ps-btw, reality has struck and it is called the Obama administration.
  7. Just like all the criticism from the right. Hey, we have as good a sense of humor as you do. :p
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