Republican Toilet Senator Starts Defense Fund

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  1. From the new west blog: Sen. Larry Craig

    Craig Can Ask for Donations to Defense Fund
    "I'm working at it now," said Craig, R-Idaho.
    By Jill Kuraitis, 9-19-08

    CQ Politics is reporting that Idaho Sen. Larry Craig has been given permission by the Senate Ethics Committee to ask for donations to his legal defense fund:

    Craig’s legal expense fund, called Fund for Justice, is disclosed in papers filed with the Senate’s Office of Public Records. The three-term senator said Thursday that he has begun searching for donations into the fund. “I’m working at it now,” said Craig, R-Idaho.

    Craig is waiting for a ruling from the Minnesota Court of Appeals on his request to reverse his guilty plea on charges originating from a sex sting at the Minnneapolis airport.

    A report must be filed quarterly disclosing who donates to Craig’s fund. The next reporting date is Oct. 15.