Republican tax stand a bust with public

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  2. Seems like this debt issue is revealing how incompetent our government really is. Unfortunately, its the republicans who appear to be the most incompetent...

    Personally (I'm a libertarian FWIW), I think the repubs are sealing their own coffin as a party with this fiasco.
  3. "A full 67% of Americans favor a deal to raise the debt ceiling that includes taxes on wealthy individuals and corporations, according to a poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University.

    And according to Gallup, only 20% of Americans want a deal that consists only of spending cuts. That's the position of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor and many of his colleagues."
  4. I remember republicans kept repeating that polls showed the majority of people were against Obamacare :cool:
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    "High-profile presidential candidates like Sarah Palin are not helping that image.

    "Now is not the time to retreat. It is the time to reload," she said."

  6. That comment says it all....

    Apparently, governing effectively is a military task due to the use of "retreat"... And we're using guns (what else does one reload??).

    So, we have a republican pres. candidate using military metaphors as a way of explaining government process. And people wonder why our government is ineffective....
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    Then why does the public keep voting repeatedly for the same politicians that spent us into this mess AND for entitlements paid for with OP money the government cannot afford?
  8. An new poll asked:
    Would you like a Millionaire or a Billionaire to buy you a new car?

    Over 95% said yes.....Obama is right, people think the wealthy should buy stuff for other people.
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    I cant believe anyone thinks the democrats are worth cheering for on this issue.

    WTF - you like the idea of spending our kids futures in debt slavery as the president lies his fricken ass off about budget cuts?

    wtf is wrong with you people.

    50% of Americans don't pay income taxes...that means what 90% of dems don't pay income taxes.

    democrat ideas on the budget are therefore destroying america by their very nature.
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