Republican States Have The Best Public Schools In The Country, By A Long Shot

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  1. In addition to my prior past, here's another potential problem, the AP/IB/AICE,

    According toThe Ivy Coach,

    .....That last metric in the methodology should be revised and we’ve been supporting this high school ranking change for years. If students sign their names and fill in bubbles randomly, they’ll get a 1 on an AP exam and that’ll reflect well on that school’s “Newsweek” ranking for their high school because the actual scores on the AP or IB or AICE exams don’t factor into the equation. By that standard, some high schools may encourage students who have no business taking an AP exam to complete the test simply to boost their “Newsweek” high school ranking. Schools that offer AP courses only to selective students are, therefore, penalized. We expect “Newsweek” will eventually see this flaw to their rankings and adjust their methodology accordingly.


    It appears there may be flaws in how Newsweek mashed the data to arrive at their conclusion. I know I don't buy the idea that Florida can rank higher than the states in the northeast.
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    Long story short we have a friend's 17 yo son living with us through the end of the semester so he doesn't have to repeat the 1st half of his senior year when he moves in December. Good kid, very studious and responsible. He maintains a 4.0 average.

    As a testament to our public schools I thought I'd mention a couple questions he asked me recently.

    1) "Where does electricity come from?"
    He had absolutely no idea whatsoever.
    2) "What animal do steaks come from?"
    We were eating ribeye when he asked.

    There have also been numerous times when I had to explain the meaning of words I would have thought any high school student would already be familiar with.

    What's going on in our public schools is absolutely criminal.
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  4. I'll bet that kid can give you chapter and verse on pretty much any PC-endorsed topic though, like gay rights, climate change, gun control, etc.
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    Tsing Tao

    Wow! 17 years old and no idea where steak comes from. :confused:
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    Sad isn't it? My 5 year old granddaughter knows that.
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