Republican Senator Has Home Raided By FBI, Then Complains About Ethics Bill

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  1. Stevens threatens to block ethics bill

    Republican Sen. Ted Stevens, whose home back in Alaska was raided by federal investigators Monday in a wide-ranging corruption investigation, has threatened to place a hold on the Democratic-drafted ethics legislation just passed by the House and expected on the Senate floor by week’s end.

    The senator told a closed session of fellow Republicans today, including Vice President Dick Cheney, that he was upset that the measure would interfere with his travel to and from Alaska – and vowed to block it.

    And Sen. Larry Craig (R-Idaho), confirming Steven’s threat, said bluntly: “There could be a lot of holds on this bill.”
  2. What would you expect?

    Congress is the most corrupt institution on the planet.

    The Democrats vowed the clean it up and they are just as corrupt.