Republican Senator Foils Unemployment Benefits

Discussion in 'Economics' started by falcontrader, Feb 26, 2010.

  1. Obama is going to fail, watch and see.
  2. Jim Bunning is still my hero. Total stud!
  3. And when Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) begged him to drop his objection, Politico reports, Bunning replied: "Tough shit."
  4. spinn


    ok he blocked a democratic spending bill, he is the devil.
  5. Bunning is a man of principle.
  6. clacy


    That's called political courage.

    Also, I like how biased that title was......."REPUBLICAN Senator FOILS Unemployment Benefits"

    Actually, he is trying to stop borrowing to pay for EXTENDING them.
  7. He is a Grade A D-Bag IMO.

    Did you see him try to call out Ben B. yesterday?

    What a joke
  8. He's from Kentucky, whatya expect? These shithole states shouldn't be allowed to vote in any election or have any say on federal matters.
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