Republican Rivals Share One Bond: All Losers

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    January 16, 2008 -- WASHINGTON - With this field of losers, it's no wonder the race for the GOP presidential nomination remains completely up for grabs.

    The only common bond among the Republicans running is that each one has managed to humiliate himself with disastrous defeats at some point or another.

    These guys have no running game, no passing game, no nothing.

    Mike Huckabee got the ball in Iowa and promptly dropped it. John McCain got it in New Hampshire and fumbled it last night in Michigan.

    Now Mitt Romney has the ball and is destined to drop it in South Carolina on Saturday.

    But there's only one GOP candidate that beats all the rest at being a loser: Rudy Giuliani.

    He has perfected the art of underperforming to the point that his campaign now insists it was all part of his game plan.

    He's been reduced to watching from the sidelines and praying for other people to lose - like McCain in Michigan so his momentum would be stalled - rather than getting in the game and winning himself.

    In fact, Rudy's campaigned so badly that the latest poll shows him losing New Jersey, which had a front-row seat for his shining moment during 9/11.

    Even fringe candidate Ron Paul - the million-to-one long shot everybody picks on to make themselves look good - is beating Giuliani.

    Paul, who finished ahead of Giuliani in Michigan, currently has twice as much claim on the Republican nomination as "America's Mayor."

    He's picked up two delegates.

    Giuliani? He's got just one.
  2. Too funny - THE LoZZZZer whining about perceived kindred spirits.

  3. Acknowledging your existence.

  4. the republicans have shown their deviance... obama and hillary are just as bad. they are handled by the same CFR masters.

    get away from the fake left/right paradigm... thats how they divide us and divert us away from the constitution.
  5. It whines like a little girl....
  6. Acknowledging your existence.

  7. Zzzzz,

    I agree with a lot of what that article is saying, but talk about one sided. It could very well have said this too.

    "On the democrat side the results spell the same story.

    Obama handily won Iowa resulting in a humiliated Hillary Clinton. Then Obama promptly coughs up the ball in New Hampshire and gives up a more than 10% lead in the polls as he suffers an embarrassing defeat."

    The point is, only a moron would write an article calling all the GOP candidates losers on the grounds that each state yields a different winner, when the party he is indirectly championing has suffered the exact same fate.

    Then consider a couple other points. Unlike the democrats who have had only two legitimate votes, GOP candidates have gone through four states. There was one candidate who won two of the four states, and that same candidate came in close second in the other two states. Given these facts, it would appear that the author is intentionally trying to dismiss Romney as the current GOP favorite.

    The other point is that there are currently 6 candidates on the GOP side vs only three candidates on the DEM side. Fewer candidates makes it much easier for a leader to emerge.

    When it comes down to it, only an idiot would write an article like this and expect an intelligent and object audience not to destroy him.
  8. Just wondering why the constant complaining about the CFR?

    Do you object to warmongering council members such as:

    Jimmy Carter
    Zbigniew Brezezinski
    George Soros
    Paula Zaun
    Leslie Stahl
    Pastor Rick Warren
    Paul Krugman

    Maybe board member Tom Brokaw really gets your dander up.

    Please explain.
  9. Yes, within one minute after I had posted!! Jesus Christ, ZZzzchild, you obviously sit there feverishly pressing the refresh button on your browser or waiting for the chime of an e-mail message stating someone has responded to the thread!!
    Good grief, Troll, get out of the cave once in a while! Take a walk, get some fresh air, go on a date (the kind you don't pay for)....make that New Year's Resolution of actually speaking to a living breathing female a reality!!
  10. absolutely.. all of them. they are the puppets.. not the decision makers. but anyone that sells out is filth in my opinion. jimmy carter is probably the least offensive.

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