Republican Party To Supporters: Go F*ck Yourself

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  1. With the finalization of the immigration amnesty sellout, the Republican Party has confirmed what has become increasingly obvious for years. It could care less about its supporters. The leading conservative publication Human Events did a poll of its readers and their number one issue was illegal immigration. Call me crazy but I really don't think this was what they had in mind as a solution.

    Let's deal with what will be the party's talking points explaining this betrayal. "We had to compromise." "This is the best deal we could get." "This will stop illegal immigration>" "This is not an amnesty."

    This last one is the most offensive. What else do you call a deal that turns lawbreakers into legal residents?

    As for the nonsense about compromise, why is it necessary to compromise to enforce laws on the books already? Is it necessary to enact a compromise bill to build the already authorized border fence and put more people on the border? Why not arm those National Guard troops and put them where they can do some good? Isn't guarding borders a traditional military function?

    Most former republican voters are scratching their heads and wondering what their leaders are thinking about. Good question. probably two things. One, their small business constituency loves being able to hire cheap illegals. They work harder than the domestic alternative and are less trouble. Two, the leaders seem to harbor some absurd notion that they will get more than their share of votes from hispanics, despite evidence that they vote democrat 2:1. Or maybe they are afraid of being called racists and facing a growing hispanic bloc that will vote like the blacks.

    Whatever. As far as I am concerned, the Republican Party has made its bed and now let them lie in it. Without me.
  2. Headlines:

    Gingrich on Immigration deal: 'A sellout of every conservative principle'...
    Homeland Security Sec. Chertoff on Kennedy: 'He's awesome'...
    McCain: 'Important step in moving forward'...
    Pelosi: 'I have serious concern'...
    Tancredo: 'President so desperate for legacy,s willing to sell out American people'...
    Romney 'strongly opposes'...
    Mexicans Fear Immigration Plan...
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    both parties are heads and tails of the same fake coin
  4. thank you AAA.
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    I’m glad you are beginning to see the light.

    The only substantive difference between Republicans and Democrats is in rhetoric:

    - Both sides support further gun control
    - Both sides support amnesty for illegals
    - Both sides support the BS war
    - Both sides support Massive Government
    - Both sides support higher tax (direct tax (dems) or indirect tax (massive inflation - repubs)
    - Both sides WILL NOT lock down the border.
    - Both sides support the Patriot Act.
    - Both sides support the Military Commissions Act (eradication of Habeas Corpus).
    - Both sides support the NORTH AMERICAN UNION (borderless supra-country joining the US with Canada and MEXICO).

    The Repubs and Dems are just different flavors of Statism. Two sides of the same coin. Fabian Socialism or Corporate Fascism. Take your pick.
  6. Numerous republicans have denounced this immigration agreement, eg Newt Gingrich, Tom Tancredo, Mitt Romney. My advice to them is quit the party and start a new one. This issue is of the same magnitude as the slavery debate prior to the Civil War.
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    Yea, but have they actually DONE ANYTHING about it??
  8. YAAAWwwwwwwnnnnnnnn.......

    this grim reaper stuff has got to stop.....gloom and doom and all this other stuff sounds so much like Pat Buchanan's book...
  9. Sorry, but I'd prefer my town not turn into East LA.
  10. Ok how about S.central LA???? all of them 'homies' were born in america .....ya see how well immigration policies work at stopping these little blights to urban America????
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