Republican Mayor flip-flops on same sex marriage

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    The mayor of the nation's eighth-largest city abruptly reversed his public opposition to same-sex marriage Wednesday after revealing that his adult daughter is a lesbian.

    Mayor Jerry Sanders signed a City Council resolution supporting a legal fight to overturn California's prohibition on same-sex marriage. He had previously said he would veto the resolution.

    Sanders, a former police chief and a Republican, told reporters that he could no longer support the position he took during his mayoral campaign two years ago, when he said he favored civil unions but not full marriage rights for same-sex couples.
  2. You have to despise these lying hypocrites. They are willing to take positions to get elected, but if it strikes too close to home, then all bets are off. Here's a suggestion, Mayor. Why not just resign? You made a committment to the voters but now it's become inconvenient since your daughter is a lesbian. Just do the honorable thing and resign.

    Personally, I could care less about some guy in San Diego, but we see it all the time. They seem to think it is perfectly appropriate to advocate policies for the rest of us, but if they have to live with them, then of course it is a different story. Whether it is conservatives with gay issues, liberals who want us to live in tents while they cruise around in limos and private jets, celebs who are for gun control but have their own armed security detail or zillioniares who use every tax dodge in the book but call wage earners selfish for wanting lower taxes, I'm damned sick and tired of them.