Republican leadership discuss their fresh, new ideas...

Discussion in 'Politics' started by OPTIONAL777, Aug 19, 2009.

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  4. They only plan they have is to continue to make their health care insurance constituency profits. The health care industry's profit increased 1,000 percent in the last 5 years. Bill McGuire, United Health Care's former CEO gets a 1.1 billion dollar golden parachute after being indicted for back dating stock options. We pay 110 dollars a month and have a 2500. dollar deductible before any insurance starts to pay anything and they can cancel us on a whim. There should be a public option AND they should be able to compete across state borders.
  5. Obama has failed miserably to isolate the common problems that would rally the majority of Americans behind him.

    No politician can push through an agenda unless they have the people behind them to a sufficient extent as to get the votes in congress.

    Obama should have made it his first priority to find a demon that most people could also demonized and thus rally behind the one who was taking on the demon.

    Who or what would that demon be?

    Corporate America, that sucks the life out of the average American. The corporate beast has taken jobs from Americans and sent them overseas, has robbed our revenue base by tax shelters and dodges off shore, has raped Americans when it comes to the cost of energy, has allowed Americans to be screwed by the insurance industry, and the corporate beast in the financial industry has fully abused Americans in the banking crisis.

    So what does Obama do?

    He allows the major scum banks to actually profit from the banking crisis.

    He continues to fund the military industrial complex, which means huge profits for defense contractors.

    He has done little to nothing in the way of advancing alternative energy.

    So many jobs and technology could have been developed by simply mandating all federal buildings get solar panels, stipulating that all those solar panels must be made in the USA with our own natural resources, they must be installed by legal American workers, so that everything stays in house (home).

    Why isn't energy independence on the forefront of national security?

    No one can give a cogent argument that energy is not the prime mover in our foreign affairs policy in the middle east...a foreign policy that sucks money out of America and kills, wounds and maims your American military personnel.

    Has Obama gone after the insurance companies, the oil companies, the greedy banks, etc?

    Not one bit. He is afraid to actually take them on, just like nearly every other president before him.

    A true socialist would have done that from the start. A true socialist would be trying to give power back to the people, and taking it away from the corporations who buy and sell politicians.

    All this crap about Obama being a socialist is pure bunk.

    The republicans are masters of finding something to demonize, something that generates either fear or greed, and ginning up their base.

    The democrats fail at this miserably...

    It only illustrates actually how badly Bush fucked up the republican party, such that someone like Obama could be elected...

  6. I pay a lot more than that with a $10,000 deductible. Maybe, hopefully I wont be bankrupt if a medical catastrophe hits my family. But I know I could be ruined financially even with insurance.
    Insurance companies are crooks, plain and simple. I have property adjusters work for me during their slow times.
    I have a friend who just finished working a hail storm and the company he was working for said there are no claims larger than $25000. So what they did on large claims was take off line items and change prices paid out until the claim dropped under the magical $25000 mark. This happens all the time along with many other "strategies" the insurance companies use. I don't know but my guess is the health insurance companies have their own "strategies" for their business.
  7. $10,000. Ouch. I don't know how working people can't see through to whats in their own best interests. This post hypnotic suggestion using the word socialism that Limbaugh the corporate whore seeded them with is just pathetic. The enemy of working people everywhere.