republican hypocrites on defense spending.

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  1. republicans are whining because we have to cut defense spending. they are blaming obama:

    Obama Is Slashing The Defense Budget — And Only The GOP Can Stop Him

    Echoing the Romney campaign’s own attacks, John McCain lit into Obama for looming defense cuts scheduled to take place in 2013.

    “We can’t afford another $500 billion in cuts to our defense budget — on top of the nearly $500 billion in cuts that the president is already making,” McCain said. “[Obama’s] own secretary of defense has said that cutting our military by nearly $1 trillion would be ‘devastating.’ And yet, the president is playing no leadership role in preventing this crippling blow to our military.”

    You’d have no idea from his comments that McCain voted for those defense cuts. So did Paul Ryan.
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  3. maybe just maybe as a "freethinker:D :D " you could come up with something that isn't stolen "filched" from someone else.
    steal something: to steal something opportunistically, usually a small item or amount of little value ( informal )
  4. McCain gave me the creeps when he was speaking at the convention yesterday. I thought the Republicans were doing a great job bringing out young faces, with ideas about how to fix our problems, that can be seen as the future of the Republican party, and then they bring out McCain. It changed the tone of the evening.
  5. +1.I had to put that troll on ignore as well.He used to be an ok poster but then ET republicans started making repeated hateful and evil posts about homosexuals and PT's response has been non stop attacks against Democrats and African Americans .It's got to be one of the weirdest things I have ever seen
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