Republican hatred displayed in full

Discussion in 'Politics' started by james_bond_3rd, Oct 20, 2008.

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    Intimidation like what the media and Barack Obama's people are doing to Samuel J. Wurzelbacher, and by extention every man or woman who would dare ask a question to him.
  2. Samuel? I thought the plant's name was "Joe?"
  3. This is what happens when one tries to save money by hiring illiterates. The memo said "slash the throats of those attending the rally" and some idiot misconstrued the directive to mean tires.

    This is the same moron who wasted days following Maureen Dowd with a stopwatch. We said" bomb the Times" and he misheard it as time the bimbo....
  4. What ever happened to Joe not a plumber, not an apprentice, not a voter, tax cheat and scofflaw happened because of McCain and no one else.

    When you make someone the centerpiece of your campaign, that person will get vetted by the media and they will report what they find especially if it makes you look like an idiot which in this case it did.

    Don't feel sorry for Joe as I bet he got laid a lot these past few days.

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    " Republican hatred displayed in full"

    Liberal Democraps display their hatred and stupidity right here on ET every day.

    Does that make everything even?
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    How do you know they were Republicans?
  7. CULLOWHEE – A dead bear was found dumped this morning on the Western Carolina University campus, draped with a pair of Obama campaign signs, university police said.

    Maintenance workers reported about 7:45 a.m. finding a 75-pound bear cub dumped at the roundabout near the Catamount statute at the entrance to campus, said Tom Johnson, chief of university police.

    “It looked like it had been shot in the head as best we can tell. A couple of Obama campaign signs had been stapled together and stuck over its head,” Johnson said.