Republican Family Values: Tennessee Republicans Kill Bill Banning Child Marriage

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    “Republicans effectively killed a bill Wednesday that would prohibit child marriages in Tennessee, citing an obscure legal theory that passing the bill could deter a conservative lawyer’s case against gay marriage,” the Tennessean reports.
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  2. So not surprised.
  3. I will agree the actions of the Tennessee House Majority Leader Glen Casada, R-Franklin in regards to this bill are absurd. He made a motion to send the proposal to summer study in the House Civil Justice Subcommittee -- which is a graveyard where bills are sent to die & not return.

    '"Basically, what has happened is the Family Action Council wants to continue to let 13-year-olds get married in the state at the sake of their court case against same-sex couples," Jernigan said later. "It's disgraceful. I'm embarrassed for the State of Tennessee, and I can only pray that we bring this back next year and not let them get in the way."'
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    In Alabama, Republicans are ok with 14 year old girls getting molested so it's interesting to see the bar getting lower.
  5. Yesterday I was chatting about some easy money trades with an acquaintance in North Dakota who tried to argue that "If everyone on the Titanic had a gun, nobody would have died"...

    There is no bar. Just the one they drink in. :)

    (he was born in the South)
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    Slippery slope, soon we'll be normalizing pedophilia.
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    This is just indecent.
  8. Let's take a look at a hero of the left, Roman Polanski - still wanted in the U.S. for raping 13-year-old girls. Can't set the bar much lower than the left's continually love for this Hollywood director.
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    Hero? How many Democrats voted for Polanski? If you are going to bring up Polanski, would it be ok for me to bring up registered Republicans Ted Bundy and Jerry Sanduski as your role models?
  10. It has been normalised in America for a long time, particularly in southern States. De-normalising it is the problem at hand I fear.

    This gang were very active "let them marry" (cached as they have closed the site) but have mercifully been hunted underground (by the left). Now they operate quietly offline under the nose of many Baptist/Pentecostals/whatevers who say nothing, do nothing.

    For every one Polanski, there are 100,000 conservative Southerners.
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