Republican employement plan questions.

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  1. Questions for the right. If McCain would of won the presidency what do you think the unemployment percentage would be now? What would the American economy look like now, also why? If you think things would be about the same under McCain as they are under Obama, why will things be different under the new Republican president?
    If the Republicans win the next election what will they do to improve employment? Or is the federal government limited in what it can do for employment? Has the current Republican congress proposed any plan to improve employment?
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    Don't the dems still own the senate?
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    Max E.

    Given the fact that Obama care alone killed a couple million jobs, i can say with absolute certainty that someone could have come into office, and done absolutely nothing and we would be better off than we are today, and we would have spent a couple trillion , less dollars as well, and would not be saddled with a nother useless entitlement that will end up costing us a trillion dollars a year 10 years from now.

    Obama used to have a leg up in that McCain is pro war but obama fucked that one up when he started 2 new wars in libya and yemen.
  4. Own ?? no but they are the majority. It is a serious question. My thoughts are that the employment numbers and the economy would be bad no matter who was in the white house. And that if the Republicans get their way on taxes or the Democrats get their way on taxes the results on the economy and employment won't be much different. Basically we are where we are, government can't fix everything.
  5. the mo of the republicans is very simple. cut taxes and regulations for the rich and corporations and hope a few jobs trickle down to the lower end.
    it doesnt work. corporations are making record profits now and are flush with cash but are not hiring in the us. its too easy to shift production overseas where it is even easier to exploit labor.
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    So it's NOT a "republican congress" then, as you originally stated.

    As to your question. Had McCain been elected I don't think things would be significantly better, but probably marginally better. If for no other reason than we wouldn't have Obama care hanging over our heads.
  7. "Given the fact that Obama care alone killed a couple million jobs"

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    And the MO of Tinker Bell is spread the word "all things republican or conservative = bad, all things democrat or liberal = good.

    Obviously he's completely full of shit.
  9. Who knows what mcCain would have done, but it's clear that obama has done plenty to kill jobs. Of course, obamacare was the big one, but there are dozens if not hundreds of actions taken by agencies that chill jobs. The EPA is probably the worst, holding up various projects for obscure reasons and making it nearly impossible to build coal-fired generating plants. Their outrageous attempt to impose carbon controls and thus control energy useage has the whole economy held hostage. Who in their right mind would build a plant here?

    The NLRB and obama's slavish devotion to the union agenda are obvious job killers. The NLRB most notorious action is to try to punish Boeing for building a plant in SC instead of remaining hostge to Machinists Union extortion. Again, who would build a plant in the US now and face such a threat.

    The Gulf drilling ban costs tens of thousands of jobs. Clearly there was a problem with deepwater safety and it is appropriate to address it, but their approach was clearly overly broad, not supported by law and motivated by hostility to the energy industry. If unionized auto workers had been affected, can anyone doubt his approach would have been far different?

    As obama supporter jamie Dimond made clear last week, financial regulation has cost jobs by its uncertainty and overreach. The irony is it doesn't even address what caused the last financial crisis.
  10. Imo, if McCain would have won, I think the focus in the begining would have been on the financial crisis rather than healthcare as it was with Obama's first 18 months.

    McCain sort of understands the finance world based on his "Keating 5" (yuk yuk) background. So, I think the economy would be on somewhat better footing.

    Obama's health care plan added to economic uncertainty.
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