republican budget most fraudulent budget in American history.

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  1. Which is five times the size of Canton, moron.
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  2. I don't live in a small town anymore but I like small towns a lot.
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  3. I live in a little place called LA.

    As far as myself saying idiotic stuff well : yeah I'm sure it would appear that way to a moron.
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  4. Lucrum


    Yes it is dopey, BUT Canton is considered part of Metropolitan Atlanta. Population 5,268,860 or over 45 times the size of Peoria.

    "Pee-oria" OTOH is NOT considered part of "Chicago Land" or any other major metropolitan area. It's a cow town.
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    I flew over Lubbock a few weeks back, it didn't look too big.
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  6. It's a little over 200,000, a nice place. Except when we have a dirt storm.
    We've had snow and dirt storms at the same time.
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