republican budget most fraudulent budget in American history.

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  1. I agree completely.. I like where your head's at, especially in the last paragraph. I don't think many people realize how much we could save if the bureaucratic budgets alone in this country were slashed by a significant %.

    My understanding is that federal agencies are under the executive branch, even though Congress funds them.. so a President could simply make personnel cuts, or shut down an agency and leave it in the hands of Congress to continue to fund an agency that has been downsized or cut/assimilated completely. That would expose a lot of the power hungry whores in Congress and force them to do the right thing. We need a kamikaze one term repub President who is willing to do things like this without any regard for re-election. the results will speak for themselves.
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  2. Did it ever occur to you that slashing taxes for corporations will mean the corporations will have more money to hire those needy, hungry jobless people and give them medical benefits while at the same time making them productive?

    No, of course it didnt.
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  3. A president doesn't quite have that power. The various agencies and departments are created by laws passed by congress, and the president can't just shut them done on his own. Nixon tried to impound appropriated funds, ie just not spend them, and it was part of the impeachment articles against him.

    Ron Paul has identified $1 trillion in cuts he would attempt to make the first year, and I think it is a good starting point. I mean, does anyone think we can just go on like this for another couple of decades with no consequences?
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  4. It'd only be fair for me to point out that I agree with most all of your post, since I've pointed out when I disagree with you also. The implication that Reagan and Bush are good and Clinton is bad, of course I disagree with, if you even implicated that. I liked all three, that is if we're talking about Bush senior.
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  5. right now 47% of corporations pay no tax at all and the effective tax rate for all corporations is about 13% while corporate income is at record highs.
    what magic tax number would make these coprporation hire people they dont need because of a lack of demand?
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    Great post. Nice to see you're coming around
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    Isn't that roughly the percentage of individuals that pay no income tax?
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    You mean like under George W. Bush? Despite his supply-siding tax cuts for the rich, his job growth record is the very worst among all presidents that preceded him. And the cherry on top is when he gave the keys to Obama just as the car went over the cliff.

    Tell us again how to choose lottery numbers that have not won in the past in order to increase the chances of winning. That story never gets old.
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    You're up awfully early this morning horse's brASS . Nothing better to do with your miserable pathetic Canadian existence but bad mouth former US presidents?
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    If I'm "pathetic" and yet you're following me around because I'm on your ET "buddy list," then I don't see how your analysis bodes well for you.
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