republican budget director. we need major tax increases not decreases

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  1. I agree. Let's solve this shit right now, right here! 100% taxes on everyone and everything!

    It's the highest form of patriotism, aside from dissent against conservative leadership.
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    Lol, bugs.

    But seriously, have taxes ever been higher?
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    Tsing Tao

    i am extremely disappointed in this latest bullshit deal.

    less taxes are fine as a result of LESS SPENDING. but as far as i can find, there are no cuts to spending, only cuts to taxes and INCREASES (another fucking 13 months) to unemployment benefits. this is absurd. so now we get 3 YEARS worth of unemployment benefits? am i the only one madder than hell about this?

    what a bunch of shitheads there are in government.
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    What jobs do you suggest the unemployed take?
  5. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    1. retrain for different skills
    2. accept loss or declare bankruptcy to get out of your underwater home and MOVE to a location where there are jobs.
    3. accept less pay. How is it I cannot walk into a target or walmart these days without seeing a "now hiring" sign?

    my question back to you is "how long is enough?" should we simply pay people not to work for their entire lifespan? Is that enough?
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    They can start here...........

    Oh yea, as an employer, I can't wait to hire one of these people when their 154 weeks of UI runs out.
  7. I think it's one thing to be young and independent and without dependants. It's fairly easy to be flip in such circumstances. However, if you're older, had invested your youth into a career and have a mortgage to pay and children to raise but without a paycheck with which to do so, then the picture you see is a different one. You do realize, of course, that these are fairly unprecedented times, right? This is anything but a normal economic cycle. A negative spiral left unto itself could have farther reaching consequences than what you might at first envision. You really need to think things through before you decide you're mad as hell and that you won't take it anymore. My guess is that you are not fully cognizant of the potential consequences and the domino effect of leaving too many otherwise productive people in the lurch. Fortunately, if perhaps unbeknownst to you, there are people in government who are engaged in more than just first-order thinking.
  8. Tsing Tao

    Tsing Tao

    oh really?

    let me tell you a bit about my recent history. i'll try to be as exact as possible without giving away personal information.

    i am married, have one child. he will be three in march. i am turning 40 next year. i worked for a large pharma/cpg company up until march of 2008, where i left to take another position with what i thought to be a great company in a position that was a promotion. my son was just born - in fact i accepted the offer call when my wife had just given birth and i was still in the hospital.

    we had also, 9 months prior, purchased a house in northern nj for about $675,000, but no worried. we put a good portion down and though the mortgage was expensive, we could afford it and i had a good job.

    after being with this company two months, i realized i had made a mistake. my boss was screwing the company for all it was worth and i was being pushed in the direction to change numbers. rather than sign to the 10-k statements saying i approved what i knew to be false numbers, i resigned at the end of september of 08. in october, the market fell out and everything went south. my investments were hammered and the country officially went into recession. all hiring stopped (especially in my field) as companies waited to see if the end of the world would truly come.

    i freaked out. i had a newborn, a large house and a payment to make. i had 26 weeks of unemployment, the amount the government was giving me didnt cover the mortgage. i had savings, but not a massive amount. probably could last me a year. rather than sit on my tuffet, i hit the streets hard. used up all my contacts, but couldn't find anything. two months later, i got a call from a recruiter in my network and asked me about a job, but the relo policy was lacking. they wouldnt do the house buyout (which was typical in my position and level).

    i accepted. in the end i took over one hundred thousand dollars in equity loss, not to mention the expenses in the process, because i knew this was a right change. it was really tough to accept.

    but i bettered my position in the end, downsized my house to a townhouse, and we live happily ever after. but i busted my ass and took substantial financial losses to get where i had to in order to get a job.

    so please, take your assumptions of what i am and what i know and stick 'em where the maple syrup flows, gabby. i am fiscally responsible enough to be a master of my own destiny, and i ACCEPT the losses that come from my decisions. the government does not have to bail me out, because i bust my ass. not to mention the schooling i had to pay for out of my pocket to get to where i am today. no one helped me.
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