Republican anti-gay rights Senator says... 'I'm gay'

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  1. He is a father of four? This just goes to show how homosexuality is a choice, just like beastiality, incest, or pedophilia. Dont let anyone tell you that homos are BORN that way. Everyone has the natural instinct to go with the opposite sex. This is why homosexual men go with feminine men, and homosexual women go with masculine women. Even though they are gay, their is still that underlying natural instinct to go with the opposite sex. Its just that their perversion makes them want to go with the same sex. I mean are straight guys attracted to masculine women? no. Are straight women attracted to feminine guys? No. So why should a gay man be attracted to a feminine man? Why should a gay woman be attracted to a masculine woman? Because its a natural instinct to go with the opposite sex,not the same sex. Homosexuality should not be tolerated, just like pedophelia, incest or beastiality.
  2. It only follows that you also believe in a sky daddy and dismiss climate change. While ignorance can be cured, stupid is forever. My condolences.
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    Between a married man and wife, are any positions besides missionary allowed?
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    Penguins make a CHOICE to be homosexual :D:D
    queer birds and other things

    So tell us dude, why do you choose to be such a dumb bitch peitviler ?
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    Why dont you ask your husband?

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  7. Yup...penguins make a CHOICE to be homosexual. Remember those famous penguins Roy and Silo? They broke up because silo decided to go get himself a female when one showed up.,2933,169653,00.html

    Dogs hump the legs of couches too. I guess that means dogs have had that built into their evolution over millions of years. Oh wait...did couches exist millions of years ago?

    Animals also kill their own, steal, and sometimes rape. Just because an animal does something doesnt mean its ok for humans to do it.

    You think animals cant choose something? You put a monkey in a cage and if he pushes one button he gets food and another button he gets shocked, he will make the choice for food after a couple shocks. Dont tell me animals cant choose.
  8. Anyway...say what you will, at least I have to give the guy credit for not voting for his own agenda. Alot of polititians vote they way THEY want and not what the people want.

    "Mr Ashburn said his votes reflected the way his constituents wanted him to vote, not his own "internal conflict". "
  9. Peil, you come across as being more intelligent BETWEEN posts. You may wish to lengthen the intervals.
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