Republican 2012 candidates on Egypt: nothing

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  1. How the 2012ers are handling Egypt

    As always with this Admin, the Republican party is playing both sides: if Obama takes one side, they take the other. Except in this case, they have to actually declare themselves on something that really isn't cut & dried: we have here a 30 year ally being besieged by his people, so they can either play the "Obama loses Egypt" side, or the "He's siding with the dictator" side.
    They have no clue which side will be the "correct" one for 2012, meaning, of course, which one will be the one that gets them more votes. So, they pass.
    Statesmanship in action. But this has been the Republican response all along: faced with Mitt Romney's/Bob Dole's health plan, they cry "Death Panels!"
    Trolls. An entire party made up of nothing but trolls.
  2. I think I read on some windbagger blog that we "should nuke Egypt."

  3. Do you need a tissue?
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    Both of them need electro-shock therapy.
  5. Good, that's exactly what their position should be, it's none of our fcking business...

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    +1, only if phenom applies the same rationale to himself.
  8. I agree , but I'd be concerned if I was Israel.
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  10. Spoken like a true liberal.
    The Suez Canal is a big deal, pal! [​IMG]
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