Repsol Says Gas Discovery in Venezuela Is Among Largest in World

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  2. So, this means it will be nationalized by Chavez???
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    If it is true, then that also means that Commie Chavez will create more headache to the world and provoke other idiots like Iran and NK.
  4. I got an email this morning from The Gartman Letter.-


    On the Repsol huge gas finding in venezuela reported Friday by " geologist" President Hugo Chavez while in Madrid, visiting King Juan carlos.

    Our experts geologists think that is to premature to affirming with certainty that amount of gas will be potentially available for commercialization.

    They said that previous studies have never show the geological terrain to support that amount of gas. We will have this week the our experts commenting of this gas finding, they already have done so in Spanish on our sister site PW Venezuela. So, an advice to King Juan Carlos do not believe all of they tell you. I wonder, how many stock shares of Repsol will move between last week and this week.

    - Dennis Gartman/ The Gartman Letter / 09 14 09 /