Reps could've had this election wrapped up...... but Evangelicals ruined it!!

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  1. Imagine if Mitt Romney was the candidate instead of McCain. Especially in these tough economic times! But Noooo .... right wing looney bible thumpers just couldn't choose Romney, because, of all things, he was in league with Satan!! Can you believe such horse shit in this day and age???:confused:

    These Evangelicals.... or Palin constituants, are no better than the ignoramuses of the dark ages. Now they will lose! Serves them right!!!!! :mad:
  2. Excellent point.
    Exactly, they turned off people like me.
    I thought Colin Powell's point about "inclusiveness" was right on the money.
    They wanted to consolidate the base with the Palin pick, pandering to the retarded evangelical base, and in the process lost all the other voters.

    Romney is the founder of Bain capital. That guy has impeccable business credentials. he saved the Salt lake city Olympics from the brink.
    Nah, they had to find the most retarded politician ever, one who would make Dan Quayle look a genius......
  3. Republican party is nothing electorally without evangelicals. There is a reason republicans sold their soul (how ironic) to enangelicals. All you have to do is say I believe abortion is immoral and we need to protect the sanctity of marriage and you have drones of guaranteed votes.

    Romney was problematic because he is

    a)Silver Spoon rich (yes he achieved certain things by himsef but he started out WAY high)
    b)he is a mormon (mormonism is a cult to evangelicals)
    c)he has no record of stable personal beliefs. This is the same person who said he was to the left of ted kennedy on gay marriage before he ran for president.

    It would not have been a cakewalk either way. I don't want to count chichkens before they hatch but if McCain is to lose it would because of his patented trademarked moronic straight talk speeches. "These jobs are not coming back' is what he told people in Michigan. He also said things about confederate flags in south carolina, 5 million or more a year to be rich, fundamentals of our economy are strong. If McCain actually loses, I will be glad his own nature sank him because this country can't afford john mccain.
  4. Reps dont realize that Rove is pure poison now...... tactics that worked 4 years ago, don't work now
  5. True...I wanna shoot every Evangelical much like Pabst wants to kill every black person.

    I have never understood why Romney wasn't the nominee. So what he wears magic underoos. Big does Baron Hilton....sheesh get over it.
  6. Rove is overrated. If not for 9/11 and their hate mongering, they would have been out in 2004. Big time. They surfed too long on the "security" theme, they didn't deliver neither Bin Laden, nor prosperity. Their lies and incompetence are catching up with them.

    Short of a (God forbid) horrific terrorist attack. they'll be decimated on Nov 5.
  7. I happen to agree with Both of you :)
  8. I should of put up a smiley face disclaimer. I really don't want to shoot anyone (unless they come into my house in middle of the night and wake me and scare my wife then they will die...but I digress.) But I'm sure that Pabst still wants to shoot all black people.not named Allen Keyes..


  9. Rove made a laughable creature of utter mediocrity into president of the united states even when economy was doing pretty well.

    W is not qualified to manage a lemonade stand. Rove brainwashed the country into thinking that a son of the former president born in connecticut educated in boarding schools and then yale/harvard (though never on merit) is a "man of the people" and an outsider.

    Though I believe they stole the election in 2000 (technically they got selected by the supreme court) the simple fact that roughly half the country voted for W speaks volumes for the incredible skill of Rove. W should have been laughed out not voted for.
  10. You forgot how the country was prosperous, peaceful and confident. The $ strong ,Oil cheap, unemployment low Our biggest problem was dried semen on an intern's dress.
    when the country is doing fine, voters are more comfortable making a riskier choice. The (liberal) media these morons are bitching about totally destroyed Al Gore, I remember how he was daily ridiculed by Maureen Down of the NYTimes...and STILL if it weren't for that cunt , Ralf Nader, Al Gore would have been president.

    That was 2000. 2004 was all about "terrorists", security moms and Bin Laden tapes. They scared the crap out of the middle class.
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