Repository of Option Theory Papers

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  1. heech


    Finance porn... cool.
  2. Thanks !
  3. Thanks, this will keep me away from real porn for a while.
  4. +1 on the thanks!
  5. ha ha ha
  6. drcha


    Thank you very much. I am interested in the reading, but not computer-savvy enough to download these. If some nice person is going to zip them, please PM me, I would deeply appreciate it.
  7. The entire FTP site is > 8gb. Not exactly ZIPable.
  8. spindr0


    Tho it would take a little time, downloading these files is easy. When one is open, hold your mouse over the Adobe icons. That will display what the icon does. On my version, the first one is PRINT and the second one is SAVE FILE TO COMPUTER. Enlightenment is only a click away :)
  9. nitro


    I have most of these already, but nowhere near all of them. After I am done downloading it, I will give you a link and a simple explanation of how to download them automatically.

    Thanks Emilio.
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