Reports Of Us Invasion Of Iran

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  1. Read the article. Hardly an invasion. Single warning shot fired at Iranian speed boat from US contractor ship. This is similar to what happened in Jan. It is not an invasion so if you are going to post news at least understand it first. Besides, if Bush administration attacks Iran it will be airstrikes not an invasion. We don't have the necessary troops for any more "invasions".
  2. Hey Jack,

    are you still collecting all the bad fundamentals that confirm your view about the S&P going to 1150 ?

    Did you read what I wrote about cognitive dissonance there ?

    The problem is, you do not only collect things that confirm your point, you even fake them. This is not an invasion...

    Instead of thinking how bad the oil reversal from 114.5 to 119.5 is for the stock market you could also ask why Mr. market is still trading at yesterdays close ??

    Be open minded...
  3. So if the Iranians had fired a warning shot first, would that have meant that there would be reports of an Iranian Invasion of US?
  4. Arnie


    I've always felt that IF we did attack Iran, their navy would be a likely target. Kill 2 birds with one stone.
  5. TGregg


    On the day he wrote:
    the S&P closed at 1,354.49. Maybe he's gonna double down yet again.
  6. Yeah, it would take a few minutes to destroy the Iranian "navy". I think it consists of a couple of speed boats and maybe a pontoon boat. They are a bug compared to our military. I wish they (Bush administration) would chill with the saber rattling and trying to create another Gulf of Tonkin type incident.
  7. In 10 years it may not matter.

    Great article in the journal last week surrounding the events of all the recent Brazillian oil discoveries and how they will become a major power in the energy space.

    In short, the US can get it's oil from Brazil instead of the middle east there is no reason to babysit the middle east anymore and withdraw.

    It this happens it will be interesting to see how quickly the region spins into total chaos.

    Can you even begin to imagine?
  8. It this happens it will be interesting to see how quickly the region spins into total chaos.


    It probably would have years ago without OPEC. Brazil will join OPEC probably at US insistence.
  9. anyone know about the bakken oil formation... is this legit?

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