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    I guess a good part of professional traders are incorporated, so as such, we have to deal with increasing regulatory obligations, and most notably reporting obligations.

    I am incorporated in Switzerland and next year, I will have to start reporting my trades under Finfrag, and since Switzerland doesn't recognize the trades reported under EMIR or Dodd-Frank, the DIY solution fees are nothing less than outrageous. It's like having a second professional platform + set up fees + copious amounts of time lost calibrating the solution, so that the regulator can obtain your incredible trades and decide to never ever control them...

    I am interested in hearing what you guys in the US or Europe are paying per month to fulfill your reporting obligations?

    Thanks a lot.
  2. Actually I am not incorporated. Here in the USA there is no need to do that unless you have a special situation. Our new tax laws may change that but not so far.
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    doesnt' your broker/clearer handle this for you? if not just get a drop copy
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    Actually I guess if I was in the EU, not in Switzerland, it would be easier. When I was at Marex( UK ), I remember the delegated reporting was really cheap, but that was before Mifid2. I don't know now.

    I trade with a US FCM so I guess they don't do delegated reporting, especially to Switzerland. They just sent me the reference of their preferred third party...
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    Is that easy enough to process ? I am not really tech savvy.