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  1. Is discrimination allowed at Elitetrader? Its one thing to call someone something generic like "idiot". but trying to make fun of someone because of a physical condition like obesity is clearly discriminatory conduct and has no place here.

    There are a lot of guys, including myself, who have some very aggressive posts. However, this kind of post goes over the line. It goes beyond generic insults and aggressive behavior into the area of prejudice and discriminating against another human because of their condition.

    Is this tolerated here?

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  3. Can you make this image a bit larger? Thanks for the classic thread. Really, I am in awe.
  4. trvl, I've got $50 that says you can't locate the photos! Take the ET Challenge!
  5. It has come to my attention that this site has a small vocal minority of "attack dogs". The post above is just one of several
    clowns that inhabit this site. Usually they come in and "relieve themselves" on the thread.

    Who knows what their motive is and some posters have pontificated this is for "web hits".

    This is a good site for traders, and moderators have a tough job. At least the ones that appear "fair".

    Makes one wonder what is going on behind the scenes.

    The prophet.
  6. These guys are pretty smart with their IP scanners and whatever they do. Just make them aware of what posts you think are wrong and let them do their magic. The first step is making them aware of it though. There are quite a few aggressive posts on here and I do not mind them, but this particular one seemed to cross the line. I bet if they used the IP scanner they could probably find some duplicates for the aggressive poster. I looked back through their posts and this isnt the first time they have been a little aggressive in this forum.

    Bottomline rcaldwell, just report what you think is not appropriate, include an explanation and then let them take care of it. Not much more you can do then that.

  7. Joe


    In response to the complaint on the thread.

    The content of the thread opens yourself up to ridicule. The subject of living in a place to gain reliable access to quality prostitutes at bargain prices usually doesn't go over well with society. I saw a few insulting posts and deleted those. There will be more in the future. You have to realize with this type of subject people are not going to be so kind.
  8. I have no issues with aggressive, profane worded critical commentary directed at myself. I can handle that without any assistance. However, the particular comment left about obese people seemed like hate speech which has no place in any conversation in the modern age.

    Fights occur everyday and ruthless words are oftentimes stated. However, in today's age, it is off-limits to disparage someone because of a characteristic they cannot change. This type of disparagement is hate speech. If in real life I heard someone say something about obese people then I would come down on them the same way as if I heard them talk about Jews or Blacks in the same manner. People get fired from jobs and imprisoned in certain countries as a result of such speech. Only in the United States is hate speech protected although not tolerated.

    The point of my complaint is to point a reference to hate speech. Thank you for correcting this issue.

    To address your other point about people attacking the Pattaya thread. The alias "StockPiker" is following me around the board throwing his critical commentary into any thread I touch. He was not providing a critical commentary about the thread, but utilizing an age-old method of trolling and providing a critical commentary about myself. If you run his IP address, then I have no doubt you will find him under a number of duplicate aliases on this board. From all appearances, it looks like he has caused trouble harassing quite a few other members and sponsors of the forum.

    In this case, the StockPiker alias decided to utilize hate speech in order to fulfill his goal of trolling the board. I thought that incident was worth reporting because of the nature of the speech which is not honorable.

    Thank you for resolving this issue. BTW, if you believe that Pattaya is just about prostitution then you need to look a little bit closer at the location. Palm trees, ocean front condominiums with a view going for under $1000 a month and an overall Hawaii-like atmosphere without the high cost and expense.

  9. Don't worry about it retaildaytrader. Landis82 has a nasty little habit writing all kinds of hateful things towards asians but the mods at ET don't seem to mind at all. Attacking someone based on their race seems to be fair game. Why would jokes about fat people be any different?
  10. How about obese asian hookers? Are they fair game?
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