Reporting and Track Records

Discussion in 'Professional Trading' started by ElectricSavant, Apr 21, 2006.

  1. Hello Career traders. I trade Retail Spot Forex.

    If I had a new strategy and I wanted to report and record my stats in a report. How would I do it? I keep an excel spreadsheet and my dealer has my transaction history.

    I am told that "the industry standard" is known... "that anything under a year should not reported and no claims should be made".

    I have a track record from July 2004 in Retail Spot Forex with several methodologies both in real money and play money and I have recently changed strategies again. Do I need to start all over and build another track record for two years or can a career trader adjust and change with the market?

    My new strategy is a scalping strategy and unlike anything in my trading history and trades totally different than what I have demonstrated that I can produce. I am looking for a new home to trade for and I want to prepare my histories for the head hunters. Do you guys put together a sort of biography and accompany it with your trade history explaining what you were doing along the way?

    I do not really want to trade my scalping strategy for two years before I can find a home as it is very labor intensive and that is asking a lot. geez...its not like I am a new trader.

    Michael B.
  2. I have discovered a scalping strategy that works Sunday Evening (mst)-Thursday 24 hours a day. Occasionally Fridays can give some pips, like today.

    I have made 190 trades and only had two losing days this month, trading Retail Spot Forex. I made nearly 7k on 100k this month trading one shift.

    Wifey will begin to trade the second shift beginning May 1st. as I do not trust anybody to trade this. She seems happy and says she enjoys this system. We work 4 hours on and 4 hours off and get flat to go to the gym.

    I do not know how long this edge will last, but I am looking to exploit it for all that it can give. I will let you know how this May goes...or you can just check here: and Carry (Spreader).xls

    I do not use any indicators and this arbitration type of strategy gets trades with the following trade durations out of 190 trades:
    • <5 min 5.79%
    • <10 min 12.11%
    • <1hr 59.47%
    • <2hrs 70.00%
    • <3hrs 74.74%
    • <4hrs 77.37%
    • Longest 33:55 hrs
    • Shortest 0:01 min

    My winrate is 62%.

    I have profit factor of 1.21...which I have a goal to improve, as it sucks. I would like to see it above 2.

    Michael B.