Reporter who exposed military criticism of Obama killed

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    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 19, 2013, 8:33 AM

    Award-winning journalist and war correspondent Michael Hastings died early Tuesday in a single car crash in Los Angeles, his employer and family said.

    Hastings' groundbreaking reporting on Gen. Stanley McChrystal's candid criticism of the Obama administration is credited with ending McChrystal's military career and earned him a 2010 George Polk Award. He was 33. Hastings quoted McChrystal and his aides mocking Obama administration officials, including Vice President Joe Biden, over their war policies.

    Another neighbor described hearing a huge explosion drawing him and several others outside their homes

    The vehicle's engine ejected 50 to 60 yards from the scene before landing near a telephone pole, according to neighbor and film maker Gary Grossman who said he couldn't have written a scene like this for a movie.

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  2. How many single car crashes result in the engine being "ejected" AT ALL, let alone 50-60 yards.

    Explosions do that sort of thing.
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    I dub these newest conspiracists, "ejectors".
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    He must have been going pretty fast when they pushed his car out of the back of that C-130.
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    Believing everything the government does is a conspiracy is being paranoid.
    Refusing to believe anything the government does is a conspiracy is stupid and naive.
  7. All it takes is speed. We recently had a single-car crash a couple of miles from our house where the vehicle (recent model Infiniti) was cut in half. No bombs required.,0,5817795,full.story,0,
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    We would like to "eject" you. All the way back to your Mother Russia.
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    Possibly his gas peddle was rigged to stick and his horn was disabled?

    Or maybe he just went berserk.
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