Reporter Who Challenged Fed Secrecy, Dies at 52

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  1. Goldman goons might have gotten to him. Roubini could be next.
  2. Wouldn't surprise me if he were murdered.

    JFK wanted to abolish the Fed... and we all remember what happened to him.
  3. RIP

    What we have left as "journalists" are glenn beck type halfwits. I'm sure the neanderthal will find something to cry about today while pandering to his crowd.
  4. JFK was killed by elements within the CIA ( for not invading Cuba ) and the Chicago mob ( for cracking down on them after they helped him win )

    This guy probably died of a regular heart failure.

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    Don't forget Honest Abe. Oh, and the 2 attempts on Andrew Jackson's life. Cross the Fed and you're dead.

  6. It is not the Fed that could do this. The secret service couldn't even keep gate crashers out of White House state dinners.

    The Goldman Sachs office of global security is the best goons money can buy.

  7. Your resolute standing on this matter, which indicates guilty conscience, is a little disturbing if you are only jewish; very disturbing if you are affiliated to the Feb/GS/Rothschild, etc.
  8. You should stay off hallucinogens before typing...
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    So which was it, the mob or the CIA?

    You are the gift that keeps on giving here at ET.
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