Report Unearths Regulatory Failures in IndyMac Case

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  1. "Darrell Dochow was the senior official for the Office of Thrift Supervision
    in the western United States.
    And what apparently happened is that IndyMac Bank Corp., which was
    a large California mortgage-lender, went to Mr. Dochow in May of this
    year and said to him, "We would like to alter our financial filings. We
    would like to include money that we have received in May in a tally of
    the money that we had in March." And that had the effect of making the
    company appear healthier than it actually was.
    And Mr. Dochow said, yes, you can do that. He told them it was OK to
    falsify those records. The company did it, gave the appearance that it
    was healthier than it actually was, and two months later it failed."