Report Periods on Intraday Charts

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    I'm kind of new here, so hello to all.

    I've two questions regarding Intraday Charts:

    1) is there a program or place online where I can find past intraday charts?-the one's I have currently only track back a month or so and are terribly difficult to play around with. Furthermore, is there a software that breaks the intraday charts up into spread-sheets for CAD or Stat-program input?

    2) it seems that most of the intraday charts I've got are broken down into periods of either a 5-minute average length or a length divisible by 5-minutes. are there more accurate charts available?

    Once again, I'm new here, and so I apologize if my starting a thread with only a couple of posts is seen as rude.

  2. Sounds horrible. What chart system are you using?

    99% of the successful traders on this site and that I've known of are usually using one of the following charting services:

    Trade Station

    trading without a decent chart is like watching a movie with no greasy popcorn. Ok bad analogy! How about driving with your eyes closed? ok yes, thats better.

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    Honestly, I used to get everything I needed from E-Trade,,, etc. I'm not actively trading right now, although I'll be doing some in Feb and Mar. I'm holding long on all of my two positions :p ; I need the data for some research I'm doing on risk-probabilities that arise in the short-term trading of companies whose price charts reveal statistically significant autocorrelation or correlation with social trends. I need information that has a large, very well partitioned domain, whose data I can extract without losing my mind.

    Do any of these programs offer extraction of data onto a spreadsheet? Which do you recommend, now that I've given you my full problem?

    Oh, and I appreciate your help a lot, sir. Thank you very much.