Report: Iran's president says oil prices too low

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  1. if oil prices drop he can just bomb isreal to look like a market prophet
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    Sad truth is that I think he is right. $3.53/gallon is really a bargain. How else you going to drive to work, take your kids to school and the park ect. $6/gallon seems like a fair price for 22 miles of transportation if you ask me. What you going to do, walk?

    I think the American economy is changing for the better. We going to stop spending so much money on dumb shit. This is a soccer mom recession. But we will come out of it stronger with hopefully a better priority on consumption going forward than in the past.
  3. GS just sold Iran an oil portfolio at the top, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is a shameless pumper.
  4. IMHO good sell signal for crude :)
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    Option expiration next week. Price spike to burn the shorts.

    muppets have been shorting this since it went over $100
  6. Nice move by Iran's Prez.

    In his quest to screw GW Iranian citizens must be screaming for his head. Iran doesn't have enough refining capacity and gas prices are extremely high for the average Iranian.
    FYI Iran imports 40% of it's gasoline.
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    All of my adult life Iran has been asking for a bloody nose. Its like the kid in the schoolyard half your size who insists on a fight.

    I'm guessing something like this will happen: The Iranian "navy" will send some knuckleheads in cigarette boats out to harrass the USN in the gulf and will actually fire something at the USN. The USN and USAF will respond by attacking Iranian naval installations and will simply take Kargh Island and not give it back. Kargh Island will become a U.S. naval base, something like Diego Garcia, except with a huge oil terminal which will no doubt be operated by Haliburton.

    Then we can all watch while the Iranians flip out over having to bring gasoline in and export crude over land routes. Iran will become something like the Lebanon economically and will likely get UN oil-for-food etc. If they lose their cool and fire missiles at Israel I think there is a possibility that Iran will become the worlds largest glass-floored self-lighting parking lot.

    I imagine that would have some effect on oil prices. :D
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    Good post very optimistic but if they develop a nuke it may not go so smoothly.

    That annoying kid in the schoolyard is a different story when he joins the local bully gang and has a gun and isn't afraid to use it (and actually wants to use it) !

    He openly said "He will wipe the US and Israel off the face of the earth".

    I don't think people understand just how serious this fool is.

  9. Republicans know this threat is real.
    Democrats want to chat and maybe a group hug will resolve the problem.
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