Report from the Mississippi bridge collapse

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    Initial 'Rat Central' Report

    On bridge witnesses report that "everything just *exploded* without warning" as the bridge collapsed.

    Minnesota is clearly too cold for steel structures to collapse on their own in this manner.

    Wael is reporting that a vanload of Israelis watched from the banks of the river as the bridge collapsed. I believe him cause he has experience with this sort of report.

    Firefighters are reporting that "it just looks like a *bomb* went off". has clearly demonstrated that the Bush Administration had at least prior knowledge and most likely collapsed the bridge to justify tomorrow mornings invasion of Iran.

    All jews in Minneapolis took the day off today so as not be caught in the collapse and related traffic issues.

    Never in history has a bridge of this size and scope collapsed in this manner, therefore it couldn't have happened without the combined efforts Bush, the Mossad and every other Zionist on the planet.

    The official explanation of this tragedy is complete and total BS and anyone who believes it is a gullible moron.

    We'll keep you posted on all the details well before they develop.

    Rat Central Out.
  2. Tax dollars at work.
  3. turok the race baiter. wonder why you guys love playing the race card so much?

    lets see... who was blaming muslims when a plane hit a bldg in manhattan last oct? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... gosh.. it wasn't me... in fact.. i think i was one of the few that called it right immediately.

    nice try turok... but your race hate isnt going to work. i have been one of the most vocal opponents of race baiting on ET.
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    Since your apparently to stupid to figure it out on your own, it's a PARODY (look it up if you need to).

    It's only 'points' -- witnesses and rescuers initial descriptions of the collapse (real, btw), race, material properties, politics, conclusion jumps etc. are direct parodies of the positions taken by you and Wael in the last major catastrophe.

    Let's face it, my parody is not that far from where you and Wael will most likely end up.


    PS: ROFLAO... You can drop the "race bait" and "race hate" won't find a single sentence in my 3000+ post history that will support your position (even with your considerable twisting skills). I'd be surprised if I've mentioned any race in any context more than a 3-5 times (if that) in 6+ years.

    Have fun with the search. Documentation is a bitch isn't it -- oh, never don't bother with those trivial matters.

  5. Turok,

    Nice post. I thought it was pretty funny.
  6. are you really this stupid? of course i knew you were kidding dumbass. and my reference to the manhattan plane crash last yr was to someone else that is famous for certain views. he immediately blamed muslims and brought up the 11th of the month significance.

    as far as your race baiting i am referring to that one post ... and of course you read moomoo's posts earlier which got you all excited.
  7. Parody of a grave situation where rescue workers are trying to find people shows a complete lack of sensitivity.

    Posting it on ET demonstrates a complete lack of class...

  8. Turok


    >Posting it on ET demonstrates a complete lack of class...

    I'm not taking "class" lessons from the classless Ztroll. Nothing to be learned there.

  9. Turok


    >as far as your race baiting i am referring to that one post ...

    As far as "(my) race baiting", you are referring to *what* one post ... a post of someone elses? That's too funny. For something to be relevent to my race baiting I would think that somehow I would first have to be guilty of something related to race baiting. LOL Not in your world I guess.

    >and of course you read moomoo's posts earlier
    >which got you all excited.

    "of course" no such thing -- not that it matters whether I did or not read someone elses post, but I have no idea which post your even talking about.

    Your thoughts (like your conspiracies) are very scattered, your critical thinking abilities are non-existent, and your communication skills are barely one notch above that.

    Now, find an example of my "race baiting", or make an even bigger fool of yourself (sorry, pretty much impossible at this point).

  10. Coming from the asshole who, among other things:

    A) Tells another ET member he hopes his kids are murdered by a paroled pedophile and,

    B) Says that hundreds of innocent people killed by paroled murderers is acceptable and proof that the parole system is working,

    makes this another classic Zzztroll moment.

    Not taking your schizophrenia medication, I see....
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