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Discussion in 'Trading' started by john kulbeth, Jan 20, 2001.

  1. Mr. tharp thank you for your reply. But i must admit, I didnt make me feel any better! But as they say I guess the truth hurts. Its funny that you mention oneils book as a reccomended reading. Back in 1992 I used to work for Mr. william o'neil in santa monica, CA as a printer, printing these stock chart books evry week. There was this big deal about security surruonding the info we were printing.It was like working at the mint or something. Unfortunatly for me at the time I was young and didnt care about the stock market so I never gave the books a second look. I can remmember people in the company telling me that these books we printed every week, with all these fancy charts and graphs cost about $1200.00 each. I and I would think "thats crazy". we also used to print the investors buisness daily newspaper. this was back when it first becmae public. Anyway thanks again for your response. Ill just keep chipping away at the stone.
  2. John

    You can Succeed! Think LONG TERM. It's hard to imagine what you can do in a decade. Trading is like any other business, it takes a lot of skill, talent and knowledge fo the business. A doctor has to go heavily in debt during med school but after a few years is well paid. It's not an overnight thing. I was trained by a Market Wizard and still took awhile to learn. I kept at it and never quit. NEVER QUIT and your dreams can come true.