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    I am interested in replaying a live session of the ES or ER or YM futures.

    Right now I am setup with ThinkOrSwim, but they dont seem to offer any replaying functionality.

    Does anyone know how I can get setup to replay the session to practice over the weekends/evenings?
  2. camtasia
  3. I guess, ideally i could chart it, navigate through 15min, 5 min, 1 min charts. And I guess super-ideally I could place orders and maintain a 'balance'.
  4. :D :D VHS? :D :D
  5. use a platform with tic downloads and replay features, like esignal, when i test a strategy i do replays on months worth of tic data
  6. NinjaTrader has replay, but you have to be logged on.

    I currently use 2 NT accounts, Live and simulator on 2 computers. One to place the orders on my laptop and sim for charting. And the sim is free.
  7. This is the main reason I stuck with eSignal. Their tick replay back feature is top notch!! Great for back testing auto trading systems as well. But yes, you could record the day with camtasia or another screen recording program.
  8. When using eSignal or NinjaTrader, can I place orders on the simulated chart and track progress?
  9. Sierra charts has tick replay. Around $300.00 per year. Still need data feed.
  10. ensign
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