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  1. So I am deployed again and I can't used WealthLab anymore because Fidelity does not sell it. I liked WeathLab because I was able to run my systems without always being connected to the internet.

    Does anybody have any suggestions of which software may work for those who don't always have a connection available?

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    old versions of WL. P2P
  3. I bought WLD4 way way back and I lost the key and program. Now, they cannot find my purchase and that is why i'm in my current situation.
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    P2P. keygen
  5. ?
  6. What do you mean by "run systems"? Backtesting or autotrading?

    If backtesting only, Amibroker will do it well.
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  8. I know, you should also read it:

    "In most countries, the use of keygens to activate software without purchasing a license is fraudulent. Keygen software distributions are sometimes infected with malware by third parties."

    It doesn't worth the risk of some hacker getting all your private info. Only stupid, low IQ people use key generators because they do not understand the high risks involved in doing it.

    I hope you agree...
  9. Backtesting.
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    dude..not that i'm completely disagree,but if you are paranoid about your security(and as a trader -you should be), then you can run the keygen on some old, separate PC..use your head\brain\high IQ..:p
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