Replacing CRT w/ a 3rd fp. Wide or not?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by spup345, Aug 31, 2008.

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    I have 2 Dell 2001FP's (@ 1 old Dell CRT). I am going to replace the CRT in the middle with another Ultrasharp, the question is, do I get the 2007FP to match up with my existing 2001FP's, or do I get a widescreen version (i.e. 22")?

    Since everyone here trades, you know that all 3 screens need to line up horizontally by height with no distortions from 1 screen to the next.

    The 2007FP regular Ultrasharp is $439 @ DEll, but the Widescreen is much cheaper. The stands are all height adjustable so I'm guessing the widescreen SHOULD be able to match height-wise (I keep them at the lowest levels). I've read the Widescreen is cheaper because they are TN panels which are worse, color-wise, than the regular panels....but as I'm only using it for charting/etc., the color issue & viewing angle issue shouldn't be a problem (supposedly the colors fade out quicker when looking from the sides, but this one would be my middle monitor).

    I'm just looking to get more horizontal real estate out of the monitor, but if widescreen stretches & distorts things, I'll stick with the regular so all 3 match up...

    I just need everything to be 'normal' & 'height' identical across the 3 monitors.

    Any thoughts/opinions? Tnx!!
  2. If I recall correctly, the height of the 22" widescreen is about the same as the 19" 5:4. If you want another 20" 4:3, and yet save a few bucks, try the Samsung 204b.
  3. By the way, you can get a 20" Planar ( regular size screen ) PL2010M for $$360 via Tiger Direct.

    Gnome will tell you that this is a rock solid monitor.

    If you need to adjust the height, try the Planar PL2011M. It goes for $420 at New Egg.
  4. Landis,

    While I'm still a Planar fan, I posted a review on Newegg about this monitor highlighting my suspicion that the [former] S-IPS panel in this monitor has been replaced... probably with TN.

    If that's the case, it's overpriced now. The Samsung 204b (TN) has been well liked and currently goes for around $275.

    I've also got a PX2411W. It has an S-IPS panel, is very good overall and has the best text contrast of any LCD I've had. It's well priced at about $575.

    Addendum.... I just checked the Planar website and they currently describe the veiwing angles of the PX2411W as "160/160". If that's the case, they have replace the S-IPS panel with at TN in this model also... bummer.

    They still list the viewing angles as "178/178" in the PX212M and PX2611W.

    "Changing the panel from S-IPS to TN" while keeping the price the same is a GREAT [but crappy] way to boost the bottom line... Perhaps we'd better be careful about buying monitors (other than known TN, low priced models) in the future.
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    i contacted planar via email about their 24" monitor, and they said "our px2411w are S-PVA".

    (i asked if it was with an s-IPS panel, and they said no, with the quote above).
  6. Have you considered just getting another 2001FP?