replacement for dell t3400?

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by gaj, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. gaj


    i bought a couple of the dell t3400s on the suggestion of people around here, and they've been great for trading. but i'm looking into possibly getting a newer dell.

    i'm guessing i'll have to deal with windows 7 instead of xp. but does anyone have recommendations for a comparable unit to the t3400?

  2. T3500.. and it will still run on XP if you wish.
  3. gaj


    thank you! will check it out shortly to see how the newer model is...
  4. shfly


    I have an older Precision 690, for charting only...It has been slowing down, and the last few days almost unusable...4 24" monitors...lots of charts etc.

    I'm looking at the T3500, but out of curiosity, I'm wondering if I could upgrade this old work-horse of mine...

    Here are the specs: Intel Xeon 5130@2.00GHZ...4G RAM...(Quadro NVS 440 for grahics)

    Scataphagos, any comments on an upgrade of the CPU would be appreciated...
  5. Generally does not improve things much to upgrade the CPU on an old mobo... unless you bought the "bottom of the barrel" originally and are now willing to buy the top of the line for that mobo.

    If things are "slowing down", suggest fresh install of OS and/or add RAM to 2GB or more, if not already... then don't load up your rig with fluff software. If it still seem slow, look into your software and/or internet connection... if those are up to snuff, then perhaps time to replace with newer hardware.
  6. shfly


    Thanks...left out this info, Woodcrest, socket 771 LGA...

    Yes, a Dell outlet visit is in my future... ;)
  7. If you're looking to spend $600-$750-ish, check out Dell's outlet for a T3500 with W3530 or better CPU.

    If your price range is $1000+, include in your search places like for rigs with i7-2500/2600 CPUs.
  8. uptickk



    Do you just keep an eye on the outlet site for the T3500? I am looking now and only see the following:

    Processor: Dual Core Intel Xeon W3503 2.40GHz, 4M L3, 4.8GT/s
    Precision Workstation T3500 Tower Standard Power Supply
    250 GB SATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
    1 GB DDR3 NON-ECC SDRAM 1333MHz (1 DIMM)
    16X DVD ROM Drive
    256MB ATI FireMV 2260,Dual Monitor 2DP

    for $519 and then they jump to $1k plus.

  9. $519 would be a good price... even for the slowest and most basic of the T3500s... the ones with the W3503 CPU (dual core).

    And yes, when I'm looking for a computer I check the Outlet website several times a day.
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