Replace Welfare with Healthcare?

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Drop welfare, provide healthcare

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  1. My feeling, welfare promotes unproductive behavior and is a waste. Especially since a portion is used to fund drug habits. However, universal healthcare can take a preventative approach to everyone's health as we'll as provide protection against black swan events like cancer that can rack up huge bills. Do we get rid of welfare and support healthcare? I feel everyone could benefit from this social program then. Thoughts?
  2. thats what hayek said first
  3. Lucrum


    It's an interesting idea.


    Sadly you'd continue to have people who make bad choices (smoke, drugs, excessive alcohol, pig out on Big Macs, etc.). So who pays for all their health expenses. It's funny how if you're paying for your own health care (premiums and out of pocket expenses), as my wife and I do, you tend to be health conscious, exercise, eat appropriately so as to minimize costs as well as stay healthy. It disgusts me that we have so many people on Medicaid, legal and illegals, who "use" the system and rack up astronomical expenses that we the taxpayers pay for.
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    I think we should replace a reasonable amount of welfare, say two months, with starvation.
  6. DHO does it disgust you that socialist george bush told europe that the USA would build them, at no expense to the europeans, a missile defense shield? Obama almost got it built. We are spending trillions every decade protecting the world, where is the world wide taxes to pay for this?
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    It's a half-ass barter system. Our thugs in D.C. provide the money, the other countries provide access.
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    The US health care system is not
  9. Interesting idea, but unrealistic, alas.