Repeated free trials w/ X-Trader or similar, + data??

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  1. Hi,

    I have a few questions. While I am actively using Google to uncover answers, perhaps some ET members could help lend some extra guidance? Thanks in advance:

    Cutting to the chase, I would like to access the X-Trader platform, in addition to a data feed for stock index futures - FDAX specifically... for free.

    I would like to watch the orderbook, and nothing else, but for the foreseeable future I have no intention of placing any actual trades.
    If possible, therefore, I would like to get gain a feel for the orderbook without paying for it.

    I realise X-Trader is not the only platform that can do this, which is why I welcome alternative suggestions.

    My hope is that one day I will be able to "see" the players behind the orderbook numbers, at which time I would pay out whatever is necessary to use the X-Trader platform to play the game with them.

    Thanks again for any help. For the benefit of any potential future readers, I will report back with my own findings hopefully this time tomorrow, regardless of the replies here.
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    Velocity Futures has a plan where you pay for X-Trader via a mark-up to the commission, rather than the monthly fee. I don't know if there any minimum account sizes, though. There is a similar plan for CQG Trader as well.
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    Sorry but you must pay for that.

    I guess there are demo offers for ninja trader etc, but since the alternatives to X-Trader are apparently garbage, I've restricted my research to X-Trader only.

    As above, Velocity seems the best bet. To access X-Trader Simulator, one must:

    Open account with 5000usd minimum
    maintain 1500usd balance minimum

    According to TT Sales Reps:

    * it comes loaded with ES, NQ, ZB , ZN FESX, FDAX, CL, GC all front month
    * the data lags the live market by approximately 0.5 seconds
    * if you do not trade within 30 days the platform will be suspended, the account and 5000usd will remain as they are.
  5. Remind me again why the site is called <i>Elite</i>trader...
  6. "The obvious conclusion (not followed by new ETers) is to make sure you have, first and foremost, a reliable and accurate methodology to apply. How obvious is this? Try this analogy; its about as obvious as having 4 round wheels on a car. Imagine instead a car on blocks with no wheels fitted but a full fuel tank. You can get in and spin the axles until you run out of fuel. Meanwhile you are going nowhere."


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    When I add it all up it comes to around the $500K mark."