Repeatable Patterns

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  1. Does anybody trade the E-minis with a methodology of recording statistics of repeating snapshots of daily bar ohlc?

    Like range or distance from open to high ....etc.....for a slice of candlestick bars and then search for this same pattern to discover what the following bars might do? You would need some software for this......

    Michael B.
  2. A single candlestick interval will not yield enough info to look for repeatable patterns.

    However...that same candlestick in comparison to other candlestick intervals that occurred prior...

    will yield a wealth of info...some of which will be repeatable.

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    FWIW, on the thread subject, I see no true value in one candle repeatable patterns analysis.
  6. I would not think that one candlestick formation would prove anything...but a slice of maybe 10 with a pattern match, exact match and deviat match measured in percentage would be interesting.

    Things could be mesured such as o-c range, h-l range, next day open compared to yesterdays h-l midrange......etc

    Trading by pattern recognition (not traditional Japanese candlestick Nison studies) is interesting and I just was wanting some input from the traders that use it or have tested the validity of repeating patterns.

    Opinions are appreciated holy grail search here.

    Michael B.
  7. I used to do something like that. Maxed out my CPU, had decent results, but I eventually discovered that I have a greater edge simply looking at the charts and using my brain.
  8. Is the "brain" that green juice inside the lobster....that some consider to be a delacacy?

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  9. The most interesting one is, you take the average daily range. Say for a year or more. Then the idea is you take your profit a fixed percentage outside the average and you hang on to your loss outside the average and take it when (and if) it moves back inside.

    And that is just one, but for a long term (not holding time but small relative position (to account size)) trader who truly wants to use measurable statistics for odds, ranges make a lot of sense.

    I've got it in a book somewhere, but I forget where.

    You can also fade a fixed percentage outside the range.

    But like it says in the I Ching, "You gotta keep changing if you want to outrun the oddsmaker."
  10. u think someone's actually gonna share some positive results here? fuggedaboutit
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