Repealing ‘Obamacare’ Would Explode Debt, Says Government Auditor

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  1. If “Obamacare” is implemented as intended, and other measures, such as automatic payment cuts to Medicare physicians, take effect, “spending on Medicare and Medicaid grows from 5 percent of GDP in 2010 to over 7 percent by 2030.”

    By contrast, if Congress overrides those provisions, “pending on health care grows much more rapidly under this more pessimistic set of assumptions,” according to the report. “Absent changes to these programs, spending on Medicare and Medicaid under the Alternative simulation grows to over 8 percent of GDP by 2030.”
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    "explodes" to 8% vs 7%
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    Repealing a wasteful unwanted bloated inefficient immensely expensive government program will "explode the debt" huh?
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    Max E.

    Yep, these guys live in a dream world, they are still trying to make the ridiculous claim that Obama care will save money. You would have to be a real buffoon to buy into something that stupid.

  5. Most of the Obamacare "savings" come from cuts in medicare payments to doctors. These cuts will never happen.

    Medicare patients are already a losing proposition for most doctors. Our family physician says he loses money on every medicare patient. He told me that if they cut his medicare payments, he will no longer take medicare patients -- as will thousands of doctors.

    Congress will end up repealing the medicare cuts even if Obamacare survives SCOTUS.
  6. Most people in Allied Health are concerned about the Medicare issue. I don't weigh in a lot on Obamacare here for fear of that one fella who always shows up and calls us a syndicate. I cannot defend the practices of our system. It is very complex and a book could be written on it, so I don't say much. But I will say that Obamacare is something we as an industry are worried about, but our industry is overwhelming liberal and so we don't really go after the President on it. I will tell you that most doctors now wish they had not chosen that particular profession.
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    I know two doctors socially. (Both black BTW) They seem content with their big incomes, big houses, and fancy cars to me.
  8. Sample size Lucrum, you know two, I know a couple hundred.
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    Couple of hundred huh? :D

    You know them by name, face or crotch?
  10. Depending whether she was cute or not, all three:)
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