Repairing a Sony Laptop

Discussion in 'Hardware' started by Eight, Jun 30, 2009.

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    I have a Sony laptop, about three years old that just does nothing at all when it powers on, no fan, no lights, beep, nada... that is with the battery not in place, sometimes a bad battery can pull down the charger voltage but that is not the case here.. I don't have the repair manual but I have a teardown manual. I'm doing voltage checks, the charger is fine, the cable internal to the computer is fine.. one question is does the cpu control the fan? I would think so... I have to get more familiar with the thing and find out where the power supply is and where to do voltage checks..

    Does anybody have experience with repairs like this? I googled and found that some sony laptops had problems with the memory bay2 and whatnot but those were not completely doa like this one...
  2. Do a continuity test on the power-switch. Check its state in the on & off position.

    I got a free Sony laptop once because the power- button was busted.
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    Thanx for the head's up, if it's something that simple it will be a good thing.. I've kept statistics on switch failures in a manufacturing operation before, some fail very consistently at a small fraction of actuations that the manufacturer says they should, maybe Sony gets swindled on parts from time to time...

    I got a car once from an old drunk guy.. the mechanics told him he needed a transmission and I got it real cheap. On the way to the junkyard to get a gear box for it I pulled over and got under the car and shifted it into the supposedly blown up gear and it was fine, nothing but some broken linkage.. I got a nice Chrome Hearst shifter long throw with a wood handle for it, got a quicky paint job and drove the thing for 4-5 years...