Rep. Steve Cohen LIES!

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  1. Meanwhile in steve cohen's memphis backyard.............

    "FBI Anti-terror Squad, SWAT Team, Cops Show Up at Antiwar Event"

    Marc Perrusquia
    The Commercial Appeal
    January 26, 2011

    When a police SWAT team and an FBI anti-terrorism squad showed up Tuesday at a Memphis church where peace activists were staging an event, a scene reminiscent of the turbulent 1960s ensued.

    The activists, members of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center who oppose the war in Afghanistan, characterized the encounter as police intimidation and a case of illegal surveillance.

    FBI and Memphis Police Department representatives countered it was all a misunderstanding (LOLOLOLOLOLOL......yeah right!!!!). They said they were there to protect the activists from potential harm by extremists who might oppose their views.

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  2. So let me get this straight.......hmmmmm???

    ....a jewish representative for memphis district co-sponsors a FEMA CAMP bill (H.R. 645) and LOVES FBI messing with his local peace activists.........PURE CONTEMPT for the Citizenry!!!