Rep Harman outraged that she was wiretapped (though she voted for the Patriot Act)

Discussion in 'Politics' started by DemZad, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. Rep Harmon (D) apparently caught on tape promising to use her influence on behalf of AIPAC. I guess it's only an abuse of power when it happens to you eh? Dumb *****. Maybe you shouldn't have voted for the Patriot Act then?

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  2. To be fair, Congress is in a tough spot. They are very subject to groupthink in that chamber. It takes a very very strong person to resist groupthink.
  3. What an outrage. How dare someone spy on me.

    I have always thought the 'patriot act' was hardly patriotic. More intrusion based on excess paranoia. Taking a horrible event, run by thugs and criminals, and using it to wreak havoc on our own citizens. Yes, kill the bastards who did it, but don't let them win, and they did win in many regards. From TSA to this patriot act idiocy.

    Think more about your votes Congresswoman.

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  5. Indeed. His name is Ron Paul.
  6. This is the woman whose husband bought NewsWeek.
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    To be fair, if this were a Republican, you would be howling from the hills about the hypocricy of her comments, but since Harmon is a Dem, you want to give her a pass.
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  9. It is shortsighted indeed to vote or advocate for extraordinary and unconstitutional powers, never believing those powers will be used against you. I wonder how many here fit that description.
  10. They will remember Ron Paul long after he is gone.
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