Rep Chris Collins indicted

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    for trading on failed drug trial. Email trail and phone calls. Another one bites the dust. #winning #business!
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  3. "Religion and Spirituality?"
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    lol oops!
  5. Trading IS our religion. ;)


    Oh, maybe not.
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  6. Good
    Hope they all rot

    Left, Right, Independent, doesn’t matter
    Insider trading fires me up.
    Fuck them all
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    Collins was heard bragging that he'd made millions for his friends on the Hill. He'll give up everyone; they always do. They have the email from the pharma CEO to Collins--who owned 17% of the shares.

    There is a rumor that Paul Ryan is involved.

    God, I love it so.
  9. Where, HuffPo?
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    Nothing new here. 60 minutes had an episode on insider trading by members of Congress including, Nancy Pelosi. They interviewed 4 people including, Nancy Pelosi and asked her if it was okay buying stocks of companies with business before Congress? She said there was nothing wrong with it! So, insider trading is A-Okay? How many Senators and Congressmen are guilty of insider trading. This is so easy to prosecute because there is a paper trail for those stock transactions! Will all of them be prosecuted? It probably, will take a strong Attorney General and patriotic members of the DOJ actually, doing their jobs! I do not know when that will happen if at all!
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